Business Consulting

Business Consulting

  • International Distribution Consulting
  • Domestic and International Debt Syndication
  • International Project Finance
  • Strategic Manufacturing Consulting
We will help foreign OEMs in understanding the Indian market based on product offerings, in setting up the meetings with prospective partners, and also, in setting up operations.

While we specialize in strategy & planning, we do not undertake government procurement projects in any sector.

However, we will ensure the necessary handholding support in understanding the Indian market.

With the ambitious targets set by the Government of India for India’s manufacturing sector, the Indian manufacturing sector is headed towards a new renaissance. The Make in India mission has defined the strategic manufacturing sector as one of the key areas for attaining self-reliance in the procurement of strategic items.

Prime Minister Modi has stressed on getting Indian manufacturing Industry to 25% of GDP in 10 years and analysts project this to happen by the year 2027(a target of about 1.5 trillion dollars). To put that in perspective, India's current GDP is just about 2 trillion dollars.

With a growth rate of 10%, industry analysts have projected that defence budget in 2021- 22 will touch Rs 5,73,000 Crores (USD 86 Billion). At 40% of total outlay, capital spend is expected to touch Rs 2,23,478 Crores (USD 37 Billion).

With this background, the strategic manufacturing sector, especially the defence and aerospace sectors, has evinced tremendous response from the industry in both India and abroad. For foreign OEMs, Make in India is the key to staying relevant in the Indian market. This opens up a huge opportunity to either partner with Indian companies to set up joint ventures, find partners for transfer of technology, or use latest FDI guidelines to start a wholly owned subsidiary.

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