About Us

About Us

We at Gajra Pai & Zhu Ltd. (GPZ) specialize in taking businesses into new markets. We focus on providing market access consulting and making compliance easy (business support services) for businesses coming into India. We also facilitate and support outward Indian investments into China, Europe & GRULAC. Our local experts and international team focus on delivering practical, bold, and long-lasting results.

How We Work

Individual conviction, team contribution, and collective progress

The last 6 years have been a tremendous journey for us, we’ve grown into a family of 45  shareholders across 8 countries. Most importantly we have had the unparalleled opportunity of partnering with over 2000 clients from across the world.

Our name is symbolic of our collective conviction and the strength of our diversity. Between our past, the present, and the future, there is one common factor: relationship and trust. This is the foundation of our enterprise.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred end-to-end market access consultant for foreign companies doing business in India.
To be the partner of choice for Asian companies making business investments in Europe.

Our 5-year objective:

  • By 2022 we aim to facilitate the creation of 100,000 new sustainable jobs in India.We work to encourage and facilitate investments in India by providing efficient and dependable market access and support services. Engaging policymakers and creating a continued policy dialog between them and the private sector to ensure progressive reform and policy recalibration.
  • By 2022 we aim to create €100,000,000 in new revenue for European Companies from India and China By introducing their products and services to new markets in Asia. Bringing investments from top Asian entrepreneurs and business into Europe.
  • To have an increased global presence by 2022 By increasing the number of our stakeholders to 75 distinguished individuals from 20 countries. To have a network of 8 international offices.