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Strengths and Expertise

Indian Factory Set-up

We helped complete the turnkey set-up of a component manufacturing facility for a key global supplier of ThyssenKrupp.

We incorporated, assisted in identifying a location for their factory, as well as obtained all necessary governmental registrations and licenses for our client in record time.

Accounting and Taxation

We provide on-site as well as off-site accounting services for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our responsibility extends to the comprehensive management of all accounting, taxation, and FDI related compliance activities; ensuring that all annual requirements are complied with.

Land Acquisition

We partnered with an investor group to help set up 170 warehouses on land acquisitioned from the government. Upon completion of the project, the client was able to profitably sell all warehouses.

Our expertise ensured that local compliance and cultural intricacies were factored into the business plan, resulting in seamless execution.

Partner Search

We worked with a specialized manufacturing company from Europe to help them connect with distribution partners in both India and China, leading to increased sales for them without any fixed expenses.

We also helped a Lebanon-based group to set up an offshore development center in India, for the development of web and mobile applications.

We are Gajra Pai & Zhu

Gajra Pai & Zhu Ltd. (GPZ) specializes in taking businesses into new markets. We provide market access consulting and make compliance easy (business support services) for new businesses making inroads in India. We also facilitate and support outward Indian investments into China, Europe and GRULAC. Our local experts and international team focus on delivering practical, bold, and long-lasting results.

We believe that each client has unique needs and priorities and thus deserves personal attention. Hence, we are committed to provide tailor made solutions to perfectly fit your business goals.

Our Core Values


Clear and simple at every step.
Doing business in a global setting can be challenging. We pledge to be an honest, guiding beacon as an example to others, and to be ethical, accountable, and transparent in all our relationships with both our clients and society at large.


Answers to your tough questions.
Gajra Pai & Zhu nurtures a culture of continuous learning and innovative thinking. From our expertise across global businesses, to a refined understanding of local markets, we are able to call upon a diverse set of resources to develop and execute solutions for our clients.

Personalized Service

Understanding your goals and ambitions.
Immediate needs and long-term goals may not go hand-in-hand. That's why we provide personalized solutions that tackle both near and futuristic issues. We aim to provide sustained, long-term services that will help you navigate the opportunities up ahead.

Leadership Team

Varun Indra Gajra
Varun Indra Gajra
Managing Director

Varun started his first company when he was 14 and has experience working in the manufacturing, financial markets, and consulting fields. He has acquired significant international experience in financial, legal, and compliance environments over the last 15 years.
Varun has also previously worked with JP Morgan Chase and HDFC Standard Life Insurance before founding GPZ.

Giriraj Pai Vernekar
Giriraj Pai Vernekar
Executive Director

Giriraj is a policy consultant, specialising in the aerospace, defence, and security related fields. He works closely with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the Defence, Aerospace & Security sector. He is also the co-founder and Director of a not-for-profit body dedicated to the development of India-Latin America and Caribbean ties. He has worked previously with a several of corporates, including the Times of India, DHL, and FEDEX. He has also served in Government, as the Special Assistant to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa, during 2012-2015, during which he observed and participated in policymaking. He was also the founder General Secretary of the NGO ‘Friends of Good Governance’ that played a major role in the change of Government in Goa in the year 2012.

Celeste Zhu
Celeste Zhu
Executive Director

Celeste has worked with several companies of differing verticals, across India and South East Asia. She has an in-depth understanding of the Indian and Chinese business environment and has extensive experience in buliding relationships between Chinese and Indian companies.

Celeste has played a key role in establishing manufacturing units for various clients.

Celeste can speak Chinese, English, French and Tamil.

Directors and Advisory Board

Matthieu Lecompte
Matthieu Lecompte

Matthieu is a lawyer and a member of the Belgian Bar Association since 2003.

He has expertise in contract law, negotiations, immigration law, construction, liability, public law as well as public procurement. A graduate of law from the University of Ghent, Matthieu has several positions at a number of national law firms in Belgium.

He also has an excellent track record of working as an external legal expert assisting and reshaping internal legal departments of several listed and unlisted companies.

Matthieu practices in two languages – Dutch and French and is fluent in English and German.

Matthieu is based in Ghent.

Hemant Khandelwal
Hemant Khandelwal

Hemant has a background in the Indian steel manufacturing industry. He has parlayed that expertise into investment and he is an angel investor in several Indian companies. Hemant’s expereince brings valuable insight into GPZ’s understanding of industries and manufacturing in South India.

Hemant is also an active philanthropist in South India focused on the promotion of education and the empowerment of underprivileged children.

Hemant is based in Chennai.

Tom Hertsens
Tom Hertsens

Tom works in a senior management role in the technology sector at a major Fortune 100 company.With over 20 years of experience, Tom has expertise in commericial as well management functions and has built an excellent international network.

Tom is based in the Ghent area.

Edoardo Querci della Rovere
Edoardo Querci della Rovere

Edoardo has a successful track record working as a consultant promoting International trade and relationships between Italy and the World.

With a Masters degrees in Engineering and Innovation Management, Edoardo has previously worked with the several Italian technology research centres and universities. He was the founder of the Young Engineers Group in Venice and went on to work in the policymaking at the Association of Engineers.

He is an active Member of Investor’s Club in Venice and is active in the local political scene.

Edoardo is based in Venice.

Fred Smoak
Fred Smoak
Advisory Board

A former captain in the United States Air Force (USAF), Mr Smoak has over four decades of experience working in the financial services sector. In the last decade, he has served as the Principal of Euclid Investment Advisory, LLC, located in Washington DC. Mr Smoak holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Emory University and an MBA in Finance and Regulation from American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Fred is based in Washington DC.

Market Access Consulting - Policy Advocacy - Compliance - Accounting - HR

Our Clients

Network and Associations

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